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CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach is audit methodology that helps the auditor assess risk while tailoring each audit to a company's unique circumstances, suggests procedures, increases the quality of the audit and helps ensure under-auditing and over-auditing is limited. It:

  • Provides a centralized audit system that streamlines workflows to get more done in less time.
  • Delivers unparalleled quality and efficiency through robust diagnostics, tips and answer effects, research and both roll-forward and updating on the fly.
  • Integrates with CCH Axcess™ Engagement for trial balance, workpapers and audit guidance within the same engagement.

All that while the auditor continues to exercise professional judgment. CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach will help you deliver higher-quality audits that comply with current AICPA Risk Assessment Standards, avoiding common peer review deficiencies.

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In 2023, all CCH Axcess audit solutions are getting new names.
Customer testimonials

  • Mona Dickerson CohnReznick Ax KC testimonial

auditor working at laptop
Overall, we’ve received positive feedback from our test group regarding working with CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach. Specifically, everyone really likes the increase in speed, the ability to work seamlessly as a team on the same documents, and also being able to open the same documents on multiple screens while being in different parts of a form.
Mona Dickerson

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