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Asset management strategy with CCH Tagetik - re:cap global investors case study

re:cap global investors implemented CCH® Tagetik for Asset Management and Reporting as a reliable and sustainable solution for their asset management strategy.

The handling of large volumes of financial figures and their targeted evaluation is where CCH Tagetik comes into its own – we can design all evaluations in reports ourselves based on trusted figures and automated processes. The time saved with automation is now ‘quality time’ to analyze figures.
Anja Spannaus, Managing Director, re:cap global investors ag
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When re:cap started to examine software solutions, its asset management team was managing more than 50 wind and solar farms in three countries and was relying on Excel. The challenge was to replace a fragile structure of combined and single Excel files to aggregate data for evaluation and controlling purposes.

With a continuous growth path and long-term asset management strategy in mind, re:cap needed a reliable and sustainable solution to support the established processes and reporting structures, but with the reassurance of a robust data management system with controls.

CCH Tagetik Solutions for Asset Management

re:cap selected CCH Tagetik powered by the Analytic Information Hub for the ability to handle large volumes of data, the familiar Excel interface and the robust reporting ability.

re:cap uses CCH Tagetik, implemented in partnership with ifb, for its corporate liquidity planning and financial model evaluation at both the single asset and portfolio levels.

CCH Tagetik is also used for reporting to create various scenarios, perform what-if analysis and gain key insights from figures sourced from the database.

Main advantages re:cap global investors gains with CCH Tagetik for Asset Management

Higher data granularity and transparency

re:cap can now relate the recorded financial figures directly to its financial models, allowing the company to map the entire life cycle of assets and identify any deviation in budgets on a yield-to-date and forecast level.

The time saved

Automation leaves time for deepdive financial analysis. A solution with strong data management capabilities: re:cap can confidently design all evaluations by themselves in reports based on trusted figures and automated processes.

Easy to identify deviation and react

Deviations across the entire portfolio are identified and compared by asset managers who can quickly react with timely and effective responses to the deviation.

Integration with Microsoft Excel:

Thanks to CCH Tagetik’s native integration with Excel, many of re:cap’s existing processes and liquidity planning structures could be implemented directly.
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