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Country Malt has been able to break down barriers between demand planning, inventory planning, and replenishment with CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning solution. 

Predictive Planning™ gave us the ability to forecast each customer and wholesaler on a rolling basis. Every day we review incoming orders and copare them to the forecast. We know right away if there is a supply disruption in the market.
Dave Palew, Director of Supply Chain for Aurobindo Pahrma USA
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The history of Maus Frères dates back to 1902. At that time, the brothers Ernest and Henri Maus, together with their business partner Leon Nordmann, laid the foundation for today’s group with a department store in Lucerne. Against this background, efficient, high-performance structures and processes are crucial for Maus Frères’ finance department. But in areas such as planning, budgeting and corporate performance management, there were deficiencies and limitations, especially from a technological point of view.

For example, performance measurement was largely Excel-based - with all the associated challenges and limitations. Modern management reporting solutions were only available to a very limited extent. The existing accounting solution was getting old and heading toward outdated, insufficiently integrated and only partially suitable for mapping the holding company’s business processes.

CCH Tagetik: multiple solutions all in one system

The beer brewing industry has been around for thousands of years, and, while the business behind brewing may be different, relatively little much has changed in ingredients and technology. Both big and small breweries alike use malt as a main ingredient, and Country Malt Group understands the importance of high-quality ingredients to their customers.

With the rapid surge of the craft beverage industry and CMG’s growth to its current position as a leader in the distribution business and the lack of a fully integrated planning solution, CMG identified an opportunity to improve their planning process and bridge the existing gap between their Financial & Operational Plans.

The lack of fully integrated tools and processes required a significant amount of manual input and maintenance, with a higher risk for errors and inaccuracies and lacked end-to-end visibility not allow for efficient collaboration throughout their supply chain.

In order to break down the barriers between financial planning, demand planning, and inventory planning, Country Malt Group needed a unified planning platform that allowed for cross departmental collaboration.

Looking to change the paradigm around demand planning in a slow-to-advance industry, and with no true supply chain solution for planning in place, Country Malt choose our Software to help them grow revenue and reduce costs related to expiring ingredients as well as storage. Our supply chain solution has enabled Country Malt to modernize their supply chain, moving away from making manual inputs to now having an automated supply chain that alerts planners when adjustments need to be made to demand and inventory.

CCH® Tagetik Supply Chain Planning allows Country Malt to model their inventory optimization and see how different scenarios will impact their supply chain. Before, Country Malt’s planners were having to make manual inputs which was hindering their ability to make strategic decisions. By utilizing our solution, planners are able to spend time determining optimal strategies based on real time data and market insights.

Main advantages IMMOFINANZ gains with
CCH Tagetik

Implementation of CCH® Tagetik 
unified solution with reporting 
tailored to individual BU‘s

Implementation of better integrated and more up-to-date reporting that is more precisely tailored to the requirements of the individual business units

Optimization of planning and budgeting processes

CCH Tagetik has a fully integrated and optimized planning process that saves time, improves accuracy and transparency with drill-down to the granular project level

Covering areas such as Budgeting, 
forecasting, planning and KPIs in a 
unified solutions

CCH Tagetik in turn covers performance management, especially in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, planning, and KPIs

Consideration of very different 
revenues and costs

Handling budgets by project, shopping center or consolidated overall portfolio very easily and without any detours

Comprehensive consolidation 

Data from the four business units Lease Management, Shopping Center Management, Facility Management, and Project Management is processed via a uniform solution
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Financial Close & Consolidation
Manage your financial close and consolidation with CCH Tagetik's software from local close to group consolidation to regulatory reporting and disclosure.
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