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Crowdsourcing Innovation

Our continued focus on innovation gives our employees the opportunity to have their unique ideas and products come to fruition. In addition to the annual Global Innovation Awards, we launched the INnovation VENTure (INVENT) Fund. The INVENT Fund is aimed at helping ideas throughout the company grow into true, fully implemented solutions.

“Innovation is a completely integral part of our company,” said Nancy McKinstry, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Wolters Kluwer. “In order to make innovation successful you need to create the right environment and the right framework.”

In addition to the INVENT Fund, we hosted the 2014 Global Innovation Awards, now in its fourth year, which continues to discover and promote ideas that exemplify outstanding quality and creativity within Wolters Kluwer, benefit our customers, and highlight talent within our company. This year, we focused on four main categories: Greatest Value to Customers, Business Model/Operational Innovation, Applications of New Technologies, and Expressing the Wolters Kluwer Brand.

After a companywide internal vote took place, the finalists were invited to New York City, USA to present their ideas to the Innovation Board, which consists of internal and external experts on ideation and innovation. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!

Applications of New Technologies:


With IVAFree, small and medium enterprises are able to easily claim tax returns for VAT expenses and cash tickets. Congratulations Manel Peralta and Victoria Mirvall!

​Voice-Based E-Signature Authentication

This tool takes a process that could consume hours of time, and reduces it to minutes, using smart phones, tablets or laptops to authenticate an e-signature explained Eric Lacroix.

Business Model/Operational Innovation:

​SOP Re-Imagination

This initiative transformed the Service of Process function, paving the way for a new operational excellence framework. Congratulations Sudipto Bagchi and Kim Gilbertson!



Expressing the Wolters Kluwer Brand:

​Brand Enhancement

Nathalie Riu suggested a new look and feel to rejuvenate our product lines and introduce the new Wolters Kluwer brand identity.


​Wonderful and Kool

Bring out your inner designer encourages Anna Xue and Christine Hu! This winner lets employees to visualize internal messages focused on inspiration, power and simplicity with creative log in pages and videos.

Greatest Value to Customers:

​CCH iKnow

This solution enables accountants to discover our products through research, which reengineeres the way we go to market, explained Daniel Wyner, John Baun, and team.


Runners Up:
Business Model/Operational Innovation:


This ‘tailored’ online offering targets a high number of market segments from lawyers to chemists in Italy. The Freemium ecosystem has boosted traffic, leads and sales explained Sergio Liscia and Marcello Miradoli.


Greatest Value to Customers:

The Clinical Drug Information team's Global Drug Information Solution

Mark Bonfiglio and Karen Eckert presented the only global framework and clinical content solution which supports every market worldwide with localized drug data, saving vendors time, energy, and integration costs.