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Supporting Decisions

Rapid changes in technology will continue to affect how professionals make decisions. Technology offers new opportunities to professionals. Content is moving farther and faster today than it ever has before. Hours in the law library chasing cross-references have been replaced by a few clicks on a hyperlinked webpage.


Supporting Insight

A rising tide of information has rocked the very foundation of many professions. Business models have been disrupted. Technological disruptions impact the control professionals previously had over information. What some professions charged for access in the past is now available to anyone on the internet for free. This affects relationships with existing and potential clients. It has also disrupted the way decisions are made and the workflow within the professions.


Virtual Office

Many areas of professional work are less labor intensive than before. Machines are mining data for relevant content. Smart forms, citation automation, and text analyzers automate documentation workflow.

Content is combined with decision-support software. Big data is generated by the measurement of everything. Wolters Kluwer continues to see value in the careful analysis of the massive quantity of big data generated as a by-product of providing professional services. The real value of data analytics lies in uncovering relationships between every facet of the data and understanding the context in which it was created.

Beyond the disruption that technology changes have brought in the past, a new wave of digital disruption from mobile devices adds complexity. The flow of information will become more complicated as devices not only begin to communicate directly with each other, but also become critical content creators. The prevalence of mobile devices offers the opportunity to engage with clients in a personalized way, anywhere they are, at any time, enabling better decision making and a smoother workflow. They enable absolute accuracy, no matter the complexity.